History and Certification


Customs numbers

EORI     NO. 803989313
AEO-     NO. AEO C 0001265
Entrepot type C     NO. NL01080010006
Domproc Placement Customs Warehouse     NO. NL01080007262
Authorized consignee (Transit)     NO. NL0070009266
Electronical declaration Customs transport     NO. NL00740009265
Warehouse code BK Warehousing     NO. 276140

The Customs post where BK Warehousing falls under is Customs Nijmegen / Duiven

Address, postal code, city: impact 2, 6921 RZ Duiven

Telephone number: (026) 318 20 00
Fax number: (026) 318 20 10
Postal address: Postbus 3070, 6401 DN Heerlen

Sagitta declaration point number:

0297 (import)
0432 (exports with the exception of reimbursement declarations)
0432 (export with entitlement to a refund)

AGS declaration number: 0432
NCTS declaration point number: NL000850
Office of exit ECS: NL000850
Office of entry ICS: NL000850

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